Los Angeles based five piece Corima are a stunning amalgamation of musicians, bridging the past foundations of Magma’s sub genre of prog rock Zeuhl and the modern musings of experimental fusion music.” - Erik Otis

— Sound Colour Vibration


Progressive Rock/Fusion/Zeuhl/Avant-Garde ensemble

Amaterasu Album Reviews

Corima‘s third full-length, 天照, delivers an untamed flow of energetic, Japanese-influenced Zeuhl. The album is enjoyable to the core and will please anyone seeking a new musical challenge. Personally, I’m overjoyed to have stumbled upon it and to finally be able to make a connection with the promising world of Zeuhl music. I would recommend 天照 to any progressive music lover.” - Daev Tremblay

Can This Even Be Called Music?

After a band produces an album as outstanding as Corima did with Quetzalcoatl, there’s always a risk that they won’t be able to match it next time round. The good news is that Amaterasu more than matches its predecessor; the bad news is that with the bar raised even higher, Corima has set themselves an even more difficult task next time they enter a studio.” - Jon Davis


It is very nice that when you have to wait 4 years for a band to release a new album - you end up with something as fantastic as this one. Great work for fans of jazz rock Magma influenced bands.” - Valerio


This album is forty-nine minutes long and this great album serves to confirm that Corima is one of the best progressive rock bands around right now. It also proves that there is life in zeuhl too.”

The Sound of Fighting Cats

It’s not often that we can be touched by Japanese Zeuhl, especially when it’s from an American band, the scene being mostly concentrated in France and Japan. Nonetheless, Corima has done so twice in a row, now, with 2012’s Quetzalcoatl and last year’s Amaterasu” - Dave Tremblay

Frog's Prog of the Year

Four years after the beloved Quetzalcoatl, Corima come back striking out for more instrumental RIO and chamber music song structures, without meaning that zeuhl that characterizes them has been topped off the throne.” - Dimitris Kaltsas


A band of Mexican- and Japanese-Americans, Corima began in Texas and relocated to L.A. Amaterasu finds room for dashes of doomy prog Sturm und Drang...” - Jim Allen

Bandcamp's "There is No Prog, Only Zeuhl: A Guide to One of Rock’s Most Imaginative Subgenres"


Corima is all about fusion, yet also free of inhibition. The result: a two-piece, multi-movement concept work called Amaterasu. In this episode, we begin with an overview of Zeuhl before taking off on a roller coaster of an album analysis.” - Steve Nagel

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